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Persuasive speech

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Webinar: Embrace persuasive presentations!

The webinar content is based on the most popular topic of short presentations. It will show you three major concepts that all great presentations share and that everyone can apply to their own topics.

Master the craft
of telling stories!

Use the power of compelling stories in your presentations and daily communication. Webinar covers story structuring, essential aspects and the way you tell them. Get a clear guidance and be a storyteller.

Become outstanding presentation designer!

After many years of slide redesigns for clients, this webinar brings the best tips on how to present visually. How to prepare concepts and finalize the materials graphically. Learn the seven-step process and much more.

Become outstanding and confident speaker!

Webinar is about grasping the attention, becoming confident and leaving a lasting impression. Learn about your verbal and non-verbal communication in online and offline world and perfect your delivery for good.

Effective remote self-development.

Webinars are based on the top selling live workshops that I have been practicing in the last 9 years with highly positive results for numerous clients.


80 excl. VAT
  • For 8 participants
  • Work on your own presentations
  • Materials and handout slides available
  • Video recording available for 1 month

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